Berawa Beach Arts Festival ( Pasisi Lango ”Deep Blue Spirit” )

Bali has been widely known for its rich cultural heritage that based on Hindu values, in which art is closely related to religious entities. Art is an inherent part of religious (religious) life, stated that "religion is an art and art is a manifestation of religion (Hinduism) itself.” Bali has strong roots of tradition based on the values ​​of Shivaism (Hinduism), and its culture continues to grow along with the times. These developments indicate the continuity of tradition values, which make Balinese culture have a strong identity; represented in various forms of culture. This identity representation also indicates the existence of a connection between tradition values ​​and present-day culture. This relationship is believed to maintain the culture identity when it is interacting with modernity, this becomes its own strengthness to be a formulation of Balinese culture resilience.

Balinese culture has been forged for quite a long time since at least the beginning of the 20th century in this cross meeting of global culture, in the context of cultural tourism. This cultural resilience is a characteristic of Bali's resources and rarely owned by other regions cultures. It is a cultural capital which is rich in potential, because it is based on creativity (art), and sustained by social capital in the form of a custom system based on togetherness (ngayah). In terms of tourism development, Bali cannot be separated from the role of coastal area. As a regency which is the gateway to Bali tourism, Badung has a lot of exotic and potential beaches. These beaches become a very famous destination in the international and has been organized well, and also in building the community-based tourism. However, in several other coastal areas, community-based tourism is still lacking built up. One of them is the area in Tibubeneng village - North Kuta

This area is starting to clean up and organize itself to build community-based tourism stimulated by various programs. The ability to develop in cultural continuity and the foothold of tradition demonstrated by Balinese culture. As indicated by the community in Tibubeneng – North Kuta to develop the community-based tourism.

So then, the idea to hold a coastal festival is BERAWA BEACH ARTS FESTIVAL. This festival has been started since 2018 and becomes the annual agenda of Tibubeneng Village, in order to empower the local community and having an impact on tourism promotion for the Tibubeneng Village area - North Kuta. This coastal cultural festival which entitled Pasisi Lango has entered the second implementation, and this at time raised with the theme "Deep Blue Spirit". It is the spirit of consciousness that comes from the sea.


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